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Obituary for Debra Ann Snyder

Debra Ann “Debbie” Snyder walked thru heaven’s gates on Sunday evening, February 2, 2020. We know she was greeted with smiles as her father and husband had their arms open wide welcoming her home. There is refuge in our tears knowing that the three of them, along with others that have gone before us, are among the angels looking out for us. We know she is rejoicing in her new status as guardian angel, as there is not a role more suited for our beloved Debbie. Memorial services will be at 2:00 pm Saturday, February 15, 2020 at Shaffer Funeral Home’s Pioneer Chapel.
Debbie Jones was born on February 17th, 1961 to Ann and Al Jones. She was the first born of four siblings and the only girl. Debbie was big sister to Albert, Kevin, and John Jones. She loved each of them individually, yet the same, having a close-knit bond that stood the test of time. From their beginning to her end, Debbie’s brothers were her world. Seeing to their needs and wants is what drove her. Debbie’s passion for family was undeniably stronger than most which contributed to the caliber of mother she would become. She had three children. Robert , who gave her two grandchildren. Jennifer Wallace, who gave her three grandchildren, Emily Ann Marie, and Ashley Stewart who also gave her two grandchildren.
Debbie was tough as nails, hard headed to a fault, and came with a degree of loyalty that will never be found or mimicked in this lifetime. Debbie’s worth and value rested in that loyalty and her integrity in the importance family is one of an enviable nature. Her love for the outdoors was no secret while her love for birds is one for the books. Hopefully, every time you hear or see a beautiful bird, we will all think of our Debbie. Our sweet friend very much contained her spirit and love for the Christmas season also. It was one of her favorites and she relished in all of her decorations. Debbie was very proud to show them off – she lit up each time! She was an avid shopper, though never shopping for herself. She had ten different lists – one for each grandchild, one for her numerous nieces and nephews, one for her brothers and one for her mother. Giving is what she did and did so generously. Scavenging second hand outlets was another love of Debbie’s. You never knew what treasure she’d find but rest assure it would be great and from the heart! Her thoughts were never selfish. Debbie was at a constant pace trying to accommodate, take care of, or eliminate another’s burdens. She often would carry the unnecessary weight of such burdens because that is just who she was, always placing herself last making sure the needs of everyone else had been met. Debbie’s family always came first. Always. Now, with her sudden departure from this world, the weight she bared for so many is definitely heavy on our hearts.
Debbie lost her husband, Frank, in 2018. Then in 2019 one of her brothers was diagnosed with cancer. With this news, and without hesitation, Debbie dropped everything to be at her brother’s side. Her goals and ambitions in life became clearly evident. She wanted nothing but wholeness, peace, and wellness for all whom she cared about. If you needed her, she would be there. Debbie’s caretaking was a god given gift as it was her profession as well. Often times, Debbie made those that she cared for a part of her extended family.
Our Debbie was a role model, a survivor, a warrior. Knowing her gives us a sense of privilege because there will never be another soul like that of Debbie Jones. She was raw and uncut. What you saw is what you got and that was a woman who gave her entire existence trying to take care of everyone else, even to a fault because she neglected herself. Rest peacefully “Debbie Do”. No more pain. No more stress. We can all look up and see you wagging that finger at us attempting to get us in line. Your steadfast perseverance & commitment to your loved ones has provided us a legendary map for what remains of our life without you. We will take what you gave us, remembering nothing is promised, and to love with our whole heart because you, our daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend had THE heart of gold.